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Find Out What Louisville’s
Barrett Dental Care Can Offer

At Barrett Dental Care, we’re always happy to talk to you, listen to your needs, then discuss all the modern general dentistry and family dentistry options available to get you the most perfect teeth possible.

What our patients say…

“What I like most about Charlie is that he is just such a pleasant person. I look forward to coming here.”—Debbie

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Barrett for 25 years – they own my problem, obviously in my mouth. They are thorough, they really care, and they are sweet about it.”—Nick

“Every time we walk into the door, we feel like we are a part of family. The same faces that we have seen here for 20 years. Dr. Barrett is always listening, he is in tune with what is going on with your life, not just with what is going on with your teeth.”—Bob

Family Dentistry

Dr. Barrett and his caring, well-trained team are ready to give you and your loved ones all the general dentistry and family dentistry procedures you need to keep everyone’s smile healthy and beautiful. Some of the general dentistry and family dentistry treatments we offer are filling cavities, regular cleanings, bonding, root canals and more!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an amazing procedure to restore your smile. Dental implants are small rods placed in your jawbone that create “new” tooth roots. Then Dr. Barrett restores the dental implants with attractive dental crowns. Aesthetic and implant restorations can truly give you a smile you will love.

Call today! We are committed to giving you and your loved ones healthy, beautiful smiles!


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