Dental Fees

Fortunately, in these times, a lot of patients have dental insurance. Insurance is, on the face of it, a good thing. It minimizes out-of-pocket expenses for treatment and encourages people to keep up with the care they need. But most

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Dental Fear? Relaxation Dentistry May Be the Answer

Most people are well aware of the value of dental care, but cannot bring themselves to get into their dentist’s office and climb into the chair. The reason: fear. Dental anxiety, unfortunately, is sometimes a shared family experience. Whether it’s

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Find A Dentist To Help You Answer Why I Have A Toothache

There are many causes of toothache and pain in the area of the mouth. When experiencing pain and/or swelling, it is important to see your dentist to have the area evaluated. The pain and/or swelling is most often related to

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Choosing Family Dental Insurance For Your Child

I’m sure you’ve noticed that you and your child are two distinct people with entirely different needs, including dental health needs. When employers label children as dependents, however, they often see them as extensions of their parents. That means when

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What Is An Office Visit Co-payment, Dental Co-insurance And Plan Deductible

What is an office visit co-payment and co-insurance? An office visit co-payment is a fixed dollar amount or a percentage that you pay for each dentist visit or for each dental service provided. For example, with some plans you may

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Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Take Advantage of Dental Coverage

Yearly Maximums. Dental insurance plans put a maximum on the amount of money they’re willing to pay for your dental coverage. Maximums vary from one company or policy to the next, but typically fall around $1000. Sounds like a lot

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Types Of Discount Dental Plans – Coverage for Individuals and Families

DENTAL PPO PROGRAM A dental PPO – preferred provider organization – is a individual dental insurance plan that uses a network of contracted dentists to provide a better value. Like a medical PPO, the dentists on the dental PPO network

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Selecting An Affordable Dental Plan for Your Family

What is the best and most affordable family dental insurance plan for me? Finding a dentist and an affordable dental plan can be a confusing experience. Although there is no one “best” affordable dental plan, there are some plans that

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Managed Dental Plans

“Managed” dental care is a great idea. However, many dentists strongly feel that it should be “managed” by their patients, for their benefit – instead of by a dental insurance company for its benefit. If you are covered by a

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Five Things You Should Know When Choosing A Dental Insurance Plan

You’ve heard time and again that dental insurance can protect you and your family from dental and financial catastrophe. Even cheap insurance with minimal coverage will most likely save you big bucks over the course of your lifetime. A quick

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