Dental Headaches

Categories: General Dentistry

An estimated 80% of all headaches occur from muscle tension and can be directly related with your bite. A “bite” is a term we use that explains how your teeth are coming together. Tension headaches result from muscle strain, or contraction. When muscles are held tight for a long period of time they begin to ache. If you have a tooth that has grown in different from the rest of the teeth, you may be biting harder on one side of your mouth causing those muscles to work even harder. Which then cause pain in those muscles. The pain feels like a dull, non-throbbing ache.

Specific signs that you may have a dental headache include:

~ Pain behind the eyes

~ Sore jaw muscles or “tired” muscles upon awakening

~ Teeth grinding

~ Clicking or popping jaw

~ Head and/or scalp is painful to the touch


Many people don’t realize that every time we swallow, our upper and lower teeth must come together in a firm way to brace the jaw against the skull. We swallow over 2000 times each day and night. If our bite is unstable from poorly aligned teeth or even a missing tooth, the muscles must work harder to bring the teeth together. The overworked muscles become strained and eventually painful.

If you suspect that your headaches might be caused by your bite contact us to get an appointment. We will examine your teeth, your muscles, and jaw joints to determine if the dental stress is the source of your headaches. The important aim of correcting your bite is to insure optimal long-term health. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned let us help! Your health is your most priceless possession and its worth the investment!