Everyone loves helping people and what is better than helping Children?


Beginning March 1st and continuing through June 30th , we are helping raise money for underprivileged and disabled children in Louisville and around the world!

On your next visit to the office, purchase whitening products and the $65.00 fee will be given to the Smiles for Life Foundation.  We are offering FREE WHITENING TRAYS along with this promotion to encourage you to participate!

We are members of Crown Council ~ an alliance of leading-edge dental teams passionately committed to promoting oral health, fighting oral cancer, and serving through charitable work.

50% of our donation to Smiles for Life is returned to Louisville.  Our charity this year is the Neighborhood House.  Neighborhood House is a community-based organization that provides individuals with opportunities to enhance the quality of their lives.  They are located in Portland, one of Louisville, Kentucky’s most economically disadvantaged communities.  Neighborhood House provides programs and services for all ages, focusing on educational enhancement, civic responsibilities, cultural enrichment health promotions, social skills development, employment opportunity and training.  From their youngest six-week-old to their eldest senior citizen, they offer a variety of programs and services to accommodate the needs of a diverse group of people!

So, if you already own trays, great…come by and get a refill on your whitening gel.  If you don’t yet have trays, take advantage of the FREE WHITENENG TRAYS offer and get started on the path to a whiter, brighter smile, while helping children around the world!!!